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    Education specifics

    College training specifics Students training in legal college of the Southern-Russian academy of justice has for its purpose preparation of medium-level experts for the judiciary of Russia. The "Jurisprudence" college students who are being trained on the basis of general education receive additional court procedure training. Such training presumes not only basic material knowledge and knowledge of procedural law, but also good knowledge of office-work in general jurisdiction courts and arbitration courts, received thorough fundamental preparation in the sphere of the modern information technologies used in courts and in legal activity as a whole.
    The other feature of preparation consists in that the training in Legal College is the first step to higher legal education. College curricula are coordinated with the Academy’s faculty of law curriculum. It allows to solve the problem, on the one hand, of early vocational students’ counseling, on another to provide sequential and continuous general medium and higher vocational training, attract the most capable and prepared students to the academy.

    The other important legal college training feature is its practical orientation. College students have the opportunity to test their knowledge during general jurisdiction courts practice, arbitration courts, judicial authorities, notariate, advocacy, prosecutor's office practice. Within the Academy walls they can take part in international programs devoted to pressing jurisprudence issues, pass training and fact-finding practice under international student's exchange programs.

    Legal college students have everything necessary for quality recreation and self-improvement. Fascinating tourist trips are regularly organized for academy students. They can take part in organizing and conducting student's actions, they can create musical groups or try to realize their creative potential at student's theatre.

    Based on the training results in Legal College the graduates are issued a medium vocational training state diploma. Great carrier opportunities are opened to graduates, in a case if they decide to work in executive and the legislative authority bodies, advocacy, notariate, Russian enterprises.