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    International cooperation

    International cooperation The Southern-Russian academy of justice actively participates in international legal cooperation. The following well-known and authoritative organizations and establishments, as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, Embassy of France in Russia, the British Council, the Russian-American judicial partnership, the German Fund for international legal cooperation, Russian-Canadian judicial partnership are permanent foreign associates of the Academy.

    American lawyers come to Academy every year and deliver "Professional introductory courses" lectures for senior grades students.

    In 2005 the students of the Academy for the fifth time traveled for professional training to France within the framework of cooperation with the Embassy of France in Russia. Within the training framework the students participate in seminars, visit courts and other legal bodies and establishments.

    According to experimental students training program Agreement five students of Academy had the possibility to study criminal law of the USA at the University of San Diego, during the period from July, 3 till July, 31, 2004. Now the Academy with help from its foreign associates creates a federal educational Internet - portal which will become operational in 2006. As the result, the Academy will conduct continuous distance training sessions for employees of the judiciary, post-graduate students and students.