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    Scientific activity

    The organization of scientific research activity The Southern - Russian academy of justice organizes and conducts scientific research work according to the annual scientific research plan based on the Academyís annual plan. The scientific research is conducted according to recommendations issued by the founders (the Supreme Arbitration court of the Russian Federation, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation), and also according to the regulations exposed in the Academyís Charter, Regulations on scientific departments of the Academy, Regulations on the Student's scientific society of the Academy.

    The following scientific directions of the Academy are of high priority:
    1. Problems of theory and practice of the organization and functioning of judicial authority;
    2. Theoretical and practical law-making problems and judicial application of laws;
    3. Interaction and mutual control of public authorities.

    The main fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of organization and functioning of the judiciary, judicial application of laws and participation in law-making activity are conducted in scientific departments. The creation of scientific divisions in the Academy is determined by wide circle of interests of scientists and practitioners, by participation of interested entitiesí representatives including judiciary bodiesí representatives in scientific work.

    The department of civil, arbitral and administrative process investigates issues related to access to justice in modern conditions. The departmentís employees actively participate in legislative work, in preparation and discussion of decrees drafts of All-Russian Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and circulars of All-Russian Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

    The main criminal law departmentís scientific theme is "Criminal responsibility problems research for crimes against public justice". The departmentís work resulted in publishing the Commentary to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the Criminal code of the Russian Federation with section by section commentary (in co-authorship), scientific - practical reference books "Criminal - legal protection of individual and professional work of bailiffs", "Crimes against public justice" and so on.

    The criminal procedure department participates actively in perfecting Russiaís criminal procedural legislation. The approbation of departmentís research results is monitoring the implementation of new Criminal code of the Russian Federation during which the departmentís employees visited various regions of Russia and explained the provisions of the new Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The department employees participate in educational process at judgesí professional skill improvement faculty.

    The civil right department has focused its attention to support civil rights-related research. The department has been formed fairly recently.


    The informative-publishing center of the Russian academy of justice is engaged in publishing activity and has obtained the necessary license for it. The center publishes monographies, educational, methodical manuals. Among them are publications of "The Library of the Russian judge" series that has been specially developed to assist judges.

    Conferences and seminars.

    The Academy organizes and holds various conferences and seminars. The following actions of all-Russian scale, such as scientific conference "The Constitution of the Russian Federation and legislation development during modern period " have been held, as well as; International student's seminar together with the law faculty of the University of Cologne "Theoretical and practical problems of European convention application to protect human rights and main freedoms"; the All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Application of international law standards by courts of the Russian Federation". Attorneys, students, post-graduate students and judges took part in these conferences.