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The Southern-Russian academy of justice has been created by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 24.11.96 No.413 and by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 13.12.96 No.1192 "About the creation of the Southern-Russian academy of justice". The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation play the role of Academy’s founders.

The academy is the state higher professional training educational establishment. It has the necessary state license issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation to conduct educational activity in the sphere of professional training No. 0142 dated 18.03.2002 and it is accredited by the state: Certificate No. 522 dated 06.10.2003

The Southern-Russian Academy of justice conducts:
Preparation of judiciary experts according to supreme and intermediate professional legal education programs; improvement of professional skills and retraining of judges, general and arbitration courts employees, employees of the Department of Justice at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation; Trains candidates for the positions of general and arbitration courts judges; Trains post-graduate students and PhDs; Cooperates with Russia’s law and science educational establishments, those of the CIS member states, international organizations; Publishes scientific, educational, methodical, help and other literature.

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    • From April, 22 till April, 25, 2006 academic readings on the following thematic have taken place at all courses and in all educational groups of the College of Law: "The justice and the right". During these readings each student has delivered a report on a problem of interest. The teachers of the academy had selected the participants of final scientific conference which took place on May, 25, 2006 according to the results of those academic readings.

    • An English-language Olympiad for schoolchildren of 9th 11th grades of general educational establishments has taken place on May, 14, 2006 . Twenty-five high-school students from different schools from the cities of Southern Federal District have taken part in the Olympiad.

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